Other Applications

Custom Conveyor Applications

Custom designed conveyor systems have been used for specialty shows and productions in a number of industries. A natural diversion to the expertise in moving people has been Magic Carpet Lift’s involvement with stage productions. This alternative to the traditional stationary runway has offered a new twist to these shows. Clothes flow and a new dimension in movement makes clothing come alive. High profile clients such as Adidas, Macy’s, and Target have used Magic Carpet® lifts to enhance their staging design.

Look to Magic Carpet Lifts to design, engineer, and manufacture for any conveyor application. Not limited to the recreation industry, Magic Carpet® lifts have been installed for a variety of other uses from interactive art exhibits to fashion shows.

If you have a situation where you need to move people or props, give us a call!

Target Fashion Show

Secret Fashion Show – September 2013

Target’s Top Secret fashion show used the Magic Carpet® lift conveyors as a unique way to move their models on and off the round stage. You can see them in action in the video from the show.

LACMA Lab “Seeing” Exhibit

Los Angeles County Museum of Art’s LACMA Lab,
Boone Children’s Gallery, November 18, 2001-September 2002

The LACMA Lab is an experimental research and development unit within the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. As described in the LACMA literature, this special exhibition was designed to explore the concept of “seeing” by raising questions and challenging notions of expectation, perception, and viewpoint. Nine L.A.-based artists were commissioned to create participatory installations that investigate ways of seeing, drawing upon the permanent collection of resource, springboard, or provocation for visitor engagement. Artist Jennifer Nelson’s exhibit was developed using a “Super Conveyor” – a specially designed Magic Carpet® lift which moved away from the visual image, in the form of a treadmill. The conveyor belting was blue, while the rest of the room was white. This engaged the viewer, who struggled to approach an image of a waterfall. Using a blue-screen effect, the image of the viewer was digitally shrunk and inserted into the image, creating a new video image with which the viewer was rewarded: one of the viewer climbing up the waterfall.

Adidas Y3 Fashion Show

Adidas Y3 wished to present their upcoming designs in a non-traditional format, with a series of moving “runways,” running at different speeds and in different directions.  This gave an innovative visual presentation of the apparel and a divergent flow of fabrics.

The first such show debuted during fashion month in September 2006 at Pier 4 – Hudson River Park in Manhattan.  Special lighting from barges on the Hudson River contributed to the visual impact of the models moving on seven Magic Carpet® lifts.

The success of this show led to a similar presentation for Y3 in February 2007 at Hunter College in Manhattan.

Macy’s Department Store Fashion Show

A show for Macy’s later in August 2007 incorporated the use of Magic Carpet® lifts with a different matte black belting material.  One venue was in the Orpheum Theatre in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The use of Magic Carpet® lift conveyors can lend a unique twist to fashion shows or any opportunity for a distinctive presentation.

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