Amusement and Theme Parks

Magic Carpet Lifts' LaunchPad® conveyors are being used with specialty applications in the amusement park industry for loading and unloading riders.  LaunchPad® conveyors organize queues to efficiently load ride vehicles on the fly, increasing rider throughput. Both load and unload conveyors accurately track ride vehicle speed without drift, making entry and exit from ride vehicles extremely easy for the guest. These are proprietary projects engineered for specific locations associated with the ride itself.

Universal Studios Japan Space Fantasy Ride



Amusement and Theme Parks use Magic Carpet Lifts for loading and unloading riders.

A Lift for All Seasons!

Our new canopy is a great way to keep your Magic Carpet clear during snow storms


Magic Carpet Lifts can move both people and equiptment


Magic Carpet Lifts are a great way to move people for theme park and amusement rides

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