Water Sports

Magic Carpet Lifts/RMCE, Inc. offers specialty conveyor systems for waterpark transportation needs with or without riders. These user-friendly conveyor systems are ideal for transporting rafts, kayaks, canoes, and tubes. The fiberglass sidewall and troughs can be customized to meet your special needs. Various belt widths are available and belting material is supplied specific to conveyor utilization, including plastic chain belt or Magic Carpet Lifts' proprietary "Magic Grip®" belting. This Magic Grip® belting is a softer rubber for good grip, wet or dry, and it doesn't crack or get stiff for it is a high strength, UV stablized belt.

In addition to conveyors, motor control systems for pumps are also offered. Our conveyor systems can be integrated to your facility, which creates a safe, efficient environment. It can have the capability of monitoring conveyor status and controlling riders per hour automatically.

Magic Carpet® lifts can move rafts and kayaks with or without people.

It is a great way to remove the traditional methods of shuttling rafts.

Moving People in Water

Magic Carpet® lifts are being used in man-made whitewater courses. The conveyor lift moves whitewater rafts, tubes, kayaks and more from the finish pond to the start pool.

Check out our new Polycarbonate canopy

A Lift for All Seasons!

Our new canopy is a great way to keep your Magic Carpet clear during snow storms


Magic Carpet Lifts can move both people and equiptment


Magic Carpet Lifts are a great way to move people for theme park and amusement rides

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