Canopies and Covers

Boardwalk® Canopies and Covers

It is highly recommended that conveyor lifts have some protection such as a canopy or cover. This will prolong the life of the conveyor lift.  During the winter season, this will minimize the need for overnight snow removal at start-up. Magic Carpet® lifts have a built-in motorized brush designed for use during operation, but this may not be feasible for significant snow accumulation. During the off-season, a protective cover will help to keep the system clean and prevent dirt and harmful UV rays from deteriorating the conveyor.

While some areas construct their own shelters, Magic Carpet Lifts offers a variety of coverings to fit any budget.



Increasingly popular as the average conveyor length continues to grow, a canopy can virtually eliminate the need for snow removal maintenance.  Magic Carpet Lift’s fourth generation canopy offers covered protection for ski lifts, walkways, and overhead sky walks.

Constructed of continuous aluminum and polycarbonate plastic frame members, this canopy is designed as an attractive permanent resort architectural feature. These canopies are engineered for 100 mph wind and 70 – 100 pound per square foot snow loads.  The polycarbonate plastic is impact-resistant, features high UV stability, accommodates wide temperature ranges, and can be easily replaced.  Aluminum extrusions are stretch-formed for a smooth appearance. Natural in color, or many anodized colors are also available.

Advantages of Canopy:

  • Minimizes maintenance
  • Keeps belt and pedestrian paths clear
  • Lightweight, yet strong construction
  • Offers weather protection
  • Attractive design
  • Pedestrian movement control

Contact Magic Carpet Lifts to retrofit existing conveyor lifts or for information on other canopy products.


A simple tarpaulin can be designed to cover a lift in either a single piece or “shingled” in overlapping smaller pieces. When used as a single long tarp, a roller-type device can be a convenient way to store the tarp and allow for easy installation and removal (similar to a swimming pool cover system).

Tarps are constructed of 18 oz. vinyl-coated nylon material and have perimeter grommets on 2’ centers. A variety of colors are available. Tarps are custom cut and sewn and priced per square foot.

Plastic Covers

Corrugated plastic sections are a very effective method to also protect the conveyor belt and walkway extensions from overnight snowfall and off-season storage.  The arch design naturally sheds the snow and pieces can be set alongside the conveyor during the day as a buffer for the Boardwalk®.

Corrugated plastic covers are available in standard size sections through your local septic supplier. The black polyethylene is the less expensive than the yellow polyethylene which is heavier and more durable.

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