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Magic Carpet Lifts designed their LaunchPad® conveyors for specialty applications in the theme and amusement park industry for loading and unloading riders.  LaunchPad® organizes queues to efficiently load ride vehicles quickly which increases rider throughput. Both load and unload conveyors accurately track ride vehicle speed without drift, making loading and unloading from the ride vehicles extremely easy for the guest. These are proprietary projects engineered for specific locations associated with the ride itself.

Loading and Unloading LaunchPad® Conveyors at Space Fantasy: The Ride
OSAKA–Universal Studios Japan is set to unveil a galactic roller coaster ride in which human adventurers “rescue” the ailing sun. Built at a cost of 4 billion yen ($45 million), the “Space Fantasy: The Ride” will debut on March 19. Hurtling along at a top speed of 40 kph, guests will travel 585 meters in about four and a half minutes. They will head for the sun, at the request of its “queen,” by traveling between Saturn and a group of comets, with moving images forming part of the backdrop. During the journey, which connects two “space craft” seating four persons each, the ride rotates irregularly. The attraction was built on the former site of E.T. Adventure, which closed last May.
– Universal Studios Japan in Osaka.

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