Magic Carpet® Launches First Conveyor Lift in 1990

Rocky Mountain Conveyor & Equipment (RMCE) was founded in 1982 in Denver, Colorado as an industrial conveyor company. Identifying a unique challenge for use in the winter sports industry, RMCE developed the Magic Carpet® lift product Boardwalk® in 1990 as an innovative surface lift – a user-friendly alternative to existing tow-type devices. The focus initially was on the winter sports market, providing an unmatched level of technology and customer service.

Over the years, success in the winter sports industry with their Boardwalk® conveyor lift led to customized applications for water parks (LaunchPad® H2O), load and unload conveyors for theme parks (LaunchPad®), stage productions and a variety of other transportation applications.

The team at Magic Carpet Lifts/RMCE, Inc. specializes in the design and fabrication of custom systems for all transportation needs. Besides longevity and a growing customer list, Magic Carpet’s references also offer powerful proof of the company’s continuing leadership role in the conveyor lift industry. The company continues to manufacture at its centrally-located facility in Denver.

MISSION:   We strive to be the leader in the conveyor transport industry with our brands built with passion for the recreation, water park, and theme park industries.

VISION:   We intend to provide our customers with the best conveyor transport systems from beginning to end, with innovated custom applications, great customer support, and fast, quality delivery. We also intend to uphold the tradition of stellar leadership in the conveyor transport industry.


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